Reference care products are designed and manufactured exclusively in France, under the supervision of a Doctor of Pharmacy.
With a priority objective of obtaining concrete effects and visible results, all products are formulated with high percentages of natural, noble and active ingredients, of marine and vegetable origin.

Particular care is taken in the choice of scents and the quality of the textures in order to always combine efficiency and sensory pleasure.


Follower of "less but better" Reference has opted for a premium depilatory wax offer, favoring quality rather than diversity. Available in two versions and three presentations (tablets, jar and roll-on cartridges), the range of waxes makes it possible to perform waxing that respects different sensitivities on all areas of the body and face.
Professional pre- and post-depilatory care products enhance the expertise of the beautician and elevate hair removal to the rank of premium aesthetic care. The use of the resale range at home helps to delay regrowth, avoid hair under the skin, rashes and micro-infections.


In order to make our premium quality treatments accessible to a large number of beauticians, our professional facial products offer a wide range of possibilities with a minimum investment.
The quality of our products makes it possible to obtain concrete results with a real immediate "before/after" effect, particularly on imperfections, skin marks, expression wrinkles, dull complexions and lack of radiance, dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Specialists in beauty care, we provide all women with products adapted to their skin type and meeting their expectations. The products used at home have been designed for routines that are both short and effective.