Our face range is deliberately short and without superfluity to get to the point with formulas rich in active ingredients. The products in our organic range contain up to 99% ingredients of natural origin and up to 68% ingredients of organic origin. The professional range favors a manual and natural approach.
Cleansing Cream 400ml & 200ml - Balancing Matt Lotion 400ml & 200ml - Gentle Soothing Lotion 400ml & 200ml - Softness Cleanness Gel 150ml
Peeling Scrub 200ml & 70ml - Exfoliating Scrub "Tutti-Frutti" 150ml & 70ml
Vegetal Synergy Massage Oil 50ml - Facial Modeling Cream Organic 200ml
Nourishing Mask 200ml & 75ml - Purifying Mask 200ml & 70ml - Facial Peeling-Mask 70ml - Peel-Off Masks & Shaker Peel-Off Masks - Shaker Fruit Masks - Mask & Bio-Cellulose Patchs
Re-energizing Day Cream 50ml - Nourishing Day Cream 50ml - Unctuous Day Cream 50ml - Balancing Day Cream 50ml - Delicate Day Cream 50ml - Anti-ageing Day Cream 50ml
Veil of Night Cream 50ml - Delight Night Cream 50ml

Phytopurifying Gel 30ml - Repair Serum 30ml - Regenerating Anti-aging Serum 30ml - Purifying Serum 30ml - Soothing Serum 30ml - Eye Contour Serum 15ml 
Micellar Cleansing Milk Organic 150ml - Hydra-Clarifying Organic Tonic Lotion 150ml - Hydra-Smoothing Organic Scrub 70ml - Hydra-Pure Organic Mask 70ml - Organic Day Cream 50ml - Hydra-Regenerating Organic Night Cream 50ml - Hydra-Radiance Organic Serum 15ml