It was in my childhood, when I accompanied my mother to the Beauty Institute, that I discovered the exciting world of aesthetics. Very early on, I knew that it was in this universe that I wanted to evolve professionally.
After my studies, at the end of 1982, I created my company with the dream of developing a French brand of professional quality and making it shine internationally by exporting it all over the world.
I had a market study carried out which revealed that hair removal was the most requested service in Beauty Institutes but that it was experienced by women as a binding chore with frequent undesirable side effects for which no treatment specific was proposed by the beauticians.
I then began to produce my own premium quality depilatory wax, developed after two years of collaboration with a chemical engineer. This is how I was one of the first to market in France a disposable, low-temperature wax based on natural pine sap. At the same time, with the help of a homeopathic doctor, I had designed a range of pre-depilatory and post-depilatory care products, based on plants and essential oils.
The REFERENCE Hair Removal Concept was born. 

I was approached by a Japanese company which was my first export client. Other countries followed such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, Dubai, the Baltic States, Russia, Spain, Italy, England, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia…
Wishing to focus on my quality of life, it was in the Basque Country that I found the ideal energy to flourish both personally and professionally. I settled there and little by little, I surrounded myself with a dynamic and motivated team.
The range for facial care was created. A premium range of active beauty products favoring noble and natural ingredients, in high percentages, for concrete and visible effects. 
Evolving with the times, the face range has also been enriched with new organic products.
For forty years, driven by the same passion and because I sincerely believe that beauty is not content with appearance, I have been committed to creating products that are as effective as they are pleasant, with delicate scents and pleasant textures, combining well-being and pleasure.

Everything is done to ensure that the Reference brand is fully in line with current awareness for more environmentally friendly cosmetics with top-of-the-range care that goes hand in hand with eco-responsibility.

« From pleasure comes well-being and from well-being comes beauty. »