Our range for hair removal offers beauticians the opportunity to enhance their professional expertise with premium quality waxes and pre/post-depilatory treatments whose results are immediately visible. The treatments in the resale range make it possible to weaken the hair, to avoid pimples, micro-infections and hairs under the skin during regrowth.
White Lavender Peelable Wax - grains 800gr - Nature Peelable Wax - grains 1kg - New Reference Wax - Jar 800gr - White Lavender Wax - Roll-on  100ml - Nature Wax - Roll-on 100ml
Pre Waxing Gel 500ml - Mint Oregano Lotion 500ml & 250ml - Freshness Lotion 500ml & 250ml
Calendula Oil 500ml - Freshness Oil 500ml - Liden Cleansing Lotion 500ml
3A Cream - Sensitive Area 150ml & 50ml - Emolia Milky Cream - Body 500ml & 125ml - Gel Action Concept Epil - body, back 250ml
Double Action Body Scrub 125ml - E.O Concentrated Purifying Lotion 15ml - Protective Gel 30ml - Slow Regrowth Milk 125ml - Serum Post Epil Optimal 50ml - Post-waxing Lotion 50ml